Best 18 inch Dishwasher- Reviews For 2019

Best 18 inch dishwasher

Nowadays, everyone prefers a dishwasher that is convenient, doesn’t take up too much space and saves time.

There are numerous benefits of an 18-Inch dishwasher and it’s no surprise that a lot of people recommend it. In many households, a compact or small dishwasher is a big necessity, washing dishes becomes quick, efficient and can be done with just a click of a button.

In this article, we will be reviewing the best dishwashers on the market right now, this should help you make an informed decision in your quest to find the ideal one for your kitchen. Let’s start by listing the top 4, thereafter, we’ll go into more details about each product.

Best 18 Inch Dishwashers in 2019

1. SPT SD-9241W 18 Inch Portable Dishwasher- Our Top Pick

spt dishwasher


2. Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18 inch Built-in Dishwasher- Best Built-in

fridigair dishwasher


3. SPT SD-9252W 18 inch Built-In Dishwasher- Most Durable

Energy Star 18 inch Built in Dishwasher


4. Danby DDW1801MWP 18 inch Portable Dishwasher – Best Budget 18-inch Dishwasher

Danby dishwasher


Now that we have highlighted our top 4, let’s dig into details so that you can understand why we have chosen them.

1. SPT SD-9241W 18 Inch Portable Dishwasher- Our Top Pick

This is by far our best 18-inch dishwasher because it eliminates the need for direct installation.

The dimensions of this dishwasher are 26 x 17.7 x 36 inches, which means it’s width is roughly around 18 inches. It contains 4 sets of wheels which makes it portable. Just like other dishwashers, it has an automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser. It also has an adjustable upper rack to contain big pots or plates.

It is popularly known for its time delay feature which allows you to program washing for a later start time of around 1-24 hours. It also has an error alarm that displays fault codes when something goes wrong.

This dishwasher has a stainless steel interior that resists corrosion and is more durable than plastic. The product is also capable of retaining heat which increases its efficiency for drying dishwares.

It is produced by Energy Star which is proudly an American Brand. This brand is known for making energy efficient home appliances.


  • Cleans dishes excellently
  • Portable Size
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy installation
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Adjustable basket for big pots or plates
  • 6 wash programs


  • It normally takes about 1 hour 50 minutes to run a normal cycle which may seem long even though it does a thorough job.
  • The water and power cords are relatively short.
  • It doesn’t dry dishes directly, it uses the residual heat from rinsing.

Customer Feedback
Many people love this dishwasher, from its size to its effectiveness, it is also reported to be a great dishwasher for a small kitchen.


2. Frigidaire FFBD1821MS 18 inch Built-in Dishwasher – Best Built-in

If you live in an apartment with not much space, this built-in dishwasher is best for you.

frigidaire dishwasher

This Dishwasher is built-in, so it fit your kitchen nicely. It is way much lighter than other dishwashers and is made up of stainless steel giving it an attractive metal exterior.

It has a crystal cycle option that helps to gently clean dishes by reducing the cycle wash pressure by about 30% for delicate items. It contains multiple cycle options which include energy saver, high-temperature heavy wash, and light wash.

It also has a low-rinse aid indicator light and an optional delayed start of about 2-4 hours.

This is an outstanding product as it is ADA compliant meaning it allows people that have disabilities to have easy access to the appliance.

The downside of this 18-inch dishwasher is that it doesn’t have fold-down tines at the bottom rack, therefore it cannot accommodate bigger plates or pots at the bottom.


  • Very energy efficient
  • Works well for delicate and fragile dishware
  • It has a “heat and no-heat” drying option
  • High-temperature wash
  • Allows heavy cycles


  • Its filter has to be manually cleaned
  • Relatively high price

Customer Feedback

The general census on this dishwasher is that it is an outstanding little machine.


3. SPT SD-9252W 18 inch Built-In Dishwasher- Most Durable

Energy Star 18 inch Built in Dishwasher

This is a very affordable 18-inch dishwasher, it is cost effective and comes in two colors- stainless steel (with a black panel) and pure white.

It has a stainless steel interior that is beautifully designed. It also has a time delay feature for you to program your washing for a later time.

This product is a quiet dishwasher of about 55 dB, having an 8 standard place setting with 6 wash programs. It meets federal guidelines for energy efficiency, having an automatic turn off which helps to save power.


  • It has an automatic turn off
  • Washes well
  • Compact and space-saving
  • Easy installation
  • Cost-effective


  • Does not have a dryer
  • Does not come with a mounting bracket

Customer Feedback

Customers love that it is quiet and easy to install


4. Danby DDW1801MWP 18 inch Portable Dishwasher- Budget Friendly

Danby dishwasher

Danby is a budget-friendly brand and is one of the best low-end, free-standing, portable dishwashers, having 4 rolling legs for mobility.

Its size makes it easy for installation in condo units and apartments. It is designed to have a faucet adapter for quick connection and it fits the standard sized aerator openings.

It has a stainless steel interior with a drop-down front panel with 6 wash programs and consumes lesser water (about 13.2L per wash).

This product is versatile as it has an adjustable upper rack to accommodate larger pots or plates. It also has an automatic rinse agent and detergent dispensers with a water softener feature that uses salt in the case of hard water.

The downside of this dishwasher is that the water hose and the electric cord are close to each other and can damage the electric cord if it is not properly taken care of.


  • An affordable dishwasher
  • A low water consumption rate
  • It is ideal for small living spaces
  • It has a stainless steel interior
  • Beautiful design
  • It comes with a 3-foot hose making connection easy


  • Too small to fit in many dishwares
  • Not so quiet

Customer Feedback

There were some complaints that the detergent compartment doesn’t drain properly, nevertheless, dishes come out dry and clean.


Types Of Dishwashers

Dishwashers come in 2 different designs which are:

1. Portable Dishwashers

This type of dishwasher doesn’t need the remodeling of your kitchen to get started. It only needs to be connected to power, water, and a drainage point. The biggest advantage of this is that you have the option of rolling your dishwasher out of the way.

2. Built-in Dishwasher

The Built-in dishwasher is permanently installed in the kitchen. One of the advantages of this is that it increases the aesthetics of your kitchen while a downside is that it usually needs to be installed.

Features To Consider When Choosing an 18-inch Dishwasher

1. Built-in or Portable

Dishwashers can be bought as a built-in or portable device. The difference is in installation and mobility. Portable ones can easily be relocated around your kitchen, however, the built-in ones are fixed to a particular place in your kitchen and need to be installed.

Choose one that suits the uniqueness of your kitchen.

2. Price

You don’t have to break the bank to get a nice product, also, an expensive device is not necessarily the best. The key is finding the balance, one that will your budget. 

A characteristic of the ones with a relatively high price is their ability to dry dishware after washing and rinsing. This also makes them take more power than the cheaper ones. So, it’s still up to you to decide the most suitable one for you.

3. Energy Efficiency

Like aforementioned, the ones with dryers typically take in more power. You should try to look for an energy-efficient model so that washing your dishes won’t cost you a lot of money in the long-term.

4. Cycle time

This is an important factor to consider. It’s good to check how long it takes each dishwasher to complete its wash-rinse cycle before purchasing one. It could be a little frustrating if your dishwasher seems to take a very long time to get things done with.

5. Warranty

No matter how awesome a manufactured product is, it may be prone to some technical issues. This is where a good warranty steps in. You should try to get products from manufacturers that will accept the responsibility of a faulty product and accept to take it back. Different products come with different warranty periods, so try to check this before choosing one.

Over To You

We have been able to give you our list of the best 18-inch dishwashers, we also tried to give the positive and not so awesome parts of each product. So now it’s up to you to choose what dishwasher is best for you.

If you have used any of these dishwashers listed or have an amazing one at home that hasn’t been mentioned here, please let us know by leaving a comment, we will be happy to update this article as often as possible.

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