18 Top Food Blogs in Nigeria: Their Stories & Best Dishes

Welcome to the ultimate list of top Nigerian food bloggers.

We are not just going to be spitting out a list of everyone who has a website or blog in the food industry, our list contains the most passionate, consistent and authoritative food bloggers in the country.

If you didn’t know, Nigerian food is amazing and rich in flavor. The mix of several tribal foods from different parts of the country brings with it a lot of diversity. So, there are lots and lots of menus, and lots to learn too.

These blogs talk about how you can make these meals, they give practical advice on recipes and the best ways to eat healthily too.

Without much ado, let’s dive straight into the list, giving a brief story of the inspiration, focus and best Nigerian dish of these bloggers. (Please note that this list is not ordered based on hierarchy but a random order)

Top Nigerian Food Blogs

1. Omoayocooks by Omoayo

Omoayo launched her site about a year ago, she has always had a passion for cooking and experimenting with different types of recipes. She came to understand that people found it difficult to follow recipes online with few pictures so she decided to simplify recipes and give step by step procedures with pictures on her blog.
She believes that people can also enjoy cooking as much as she does because cooking is an art itself.
Her main focus now is on Nigerian recipes because its flavors can be manipulated without altering its taste. She is also focusing on healthy recipes to promote a healthy lifestyle.
Favorite Nigerian Dish: Ofada sauce and Ofada rice.

2. Trybbbe by Dorothy

Trybbbe started in 2017 as a recipe sharing platform for home cooks and foodies. Also, food lovers were able to share recipes, find food inspiration and find new recipes on their website.
Right now the blog’s main focus has moved from user-generated recipes to publishing original trybbe recipes.
Favorite Nigerian Dishes: Party jollof rice, pounded yam and egusi soup, yellow garri and okra soup, boiled/fried yam and vegetable stew, pounded yam and eforiro.

3. Immaculate Ruému by Ruému

Ruému started blogging because she had a lot to share and her blog was originally about food, fashion, and faith in 2014 but later she did a full 360 and started afresh with “Immaculate Ruému – food & Lifestyle”. She has always loved food and expressed it by recreating and combining both Nigerian meals with other local cuisines.
Her main focus is on food that her audience asks about.
Favorite Nigerian Dishes: Fresh fish Banga soup with boiled yam, and corned beef salad sandwiched in a brioche.

4.  Tasty Living by Aisha

Aisha has aspired to be a writer and food blogger since she was young. She came up with the name Tasty Living because it best describes what her blog is all about -food and lifestyle.
Her primary focus is to engage in African delicacies as well as other traditional foods from around the world.
Favorite Nigerian Dishes: Brabusco and Miyan Kuka – A traditional Kanuri dish made from rice grits and baobab leaves.

5. Hersisterskeeper by Elizabeth 

Elizabeth started her blog in 2017 after receiving advice from friends, colleagues, and family. She also loves storytelling and decided to be an advocate of self-belief, self-love, self-care, unapologetic beauty, uniqueness, and of course great food.
Her current focus is on forums that uplift women, by giving advice and tips with a hope to help other women into wholeness.
Favorite Nigerian Dishes: Egusi stew with Fufu or White Rice.

6. Nigerianlazychef by Jewel

Top Nigerian Food Bloggers
Jewel started cooking and taking amateur photographs until she was encouraged by her friends to start blogging and that was how “Nigerian lazy chef ” was born.
Her main focus is to listen to her readers and improve constantly.
Favorite Nigerian Dishes: Just plantain.

Chichi is a physician with a passion for nutrition and weight management, her blog started when she moved to the United States and found out that a lot of home cooks were in search of Nigerian Ingredients abroad.

She was able to find other ingredients abroad that could substitute the original ingredients without losing any flavor. She started sharing this on her blog and got amazing responses from other home cooks.

Her current focus is her low carb website chichiuguru.com where she shares tasty low carb African recipes for natural weight loss.

Favorite Nigerian Dishes: Beans porridge

8. Nigerian Food Channel by Franklin

Nigerian Food Channel started in 2013 when Franklin was watching Nigerian Food videos on YouTube and he observed that the food niche didn’t have males showcasing Nigerian Food Recipes. Then he started a YouTube channel and Food Blog which took off shortly after he started sharing videos that simplify the cooking process.

Right now Franklin’s main focus is to share good food with his audience.

Favorite Nigerian Dishes: Rice, fried stew with assorted meat and fried plantain.

9. The Food Lover by Ify

Ify started blogging as a hobby, she loves food and took lovely pictures of her cooked meals, she then decided to share her hobby which turned into a passion by getting a WordPress account. She later took things seriously and created social media accounts for her blog when blogging brought her satisfaction.
Right now she focuses on growing her community of food lovers, share recipes and beautiful dining experiences.
Favorite Nigerian Dish: Oha soup (Igbo delicacy) is ‘Forever Bae!’, she says.

10. Naija Chef by Ayo

Ayo learned how to cook at a young age where he studied Food and Nutrition throughout high school. He got inspired by his wife to start his blog because she noticed that he loved to cook with passion and she pointed out that it is different from others who can cook but just need to put something on the table. She encouraged him to start his blog and share his love for cooking with others.
His current focus is to keep ingredients list simple and easy especially for folks outside Nigeria and also provide pictures of every step but most of all to encourage other new cooks to learn with ease.
Favorite Nigerian Dish:  Iyan and efo egusi (Pounded yam and Egusi vegetable stew).

11. Wives Connection by Eya

Eya knew nothing about blogging but one day stumbled upon Linda Ikeji’s blog where she kept going back to revisit the blog for more interesting stories, eventually, she googled how to start a blog, created a blog and started adding her ideas and recipes to the blog.
Her current focus is posting Nigerian Recipes, Parenting, Family, and Lifestyle. This is because earlier into her pregnancy she couldn’t post as often as she could so she included entertainment in her blog to keep her audience busy while she couldn’t.
Favorite Nigerian Dishes: Fufu with soup and Elastic pounded yam, and finger licking Afang soup.

12. Vegan Nigerian by Tomi

Tomi decided to become a vegan which caused a lot of questions from her family and friends. They wondered how she could live without animal products because a vegan lifestyle didn’t seem compatible with Nigerian foods.

So she decided to start a blog to explore the issue which opened new doors for experimenting in the kitchen and making new recipes. It went from zero expectations and no long-term plans to people connecting with her from all over the world, who were curious about her content and now it has led her to create a pop-up restaurant, film, edit youtube videos, catering for events, festivals, and food markets.

She also advises anyone who has desired to start a blog to start now.

Her main focus right now is to produce regular written video content for her readers, a cookbook which she is currently working on, organizing a pop-up restaurant and hosting private dinners.

Favorite Nigerian Dish: Pounded yam and egusi stew.

13. Kaunan Kitchen by Chef Kuku

Chef Kuku started her blog to share her love for cooking especially feeding people. She is very hospitable and cooking gives her the opportunity to express it, her blog serves as an avenue for her passion for teaching also.
Her main focus is to provide people with relevant, simplified information and also tips to make cooking enjoyable for other home chefs.
Favorite Nigerian Dish(fruit): Coconut! She loves anything made with coconut (Coconut Nigerian Rice).

14.  All Nigerian Foods by Chidi

All Nigerian Foods was born out of the idea to inspire and inform. Chidi understood that everyone loves food but found it difficult sometimes to replicate it. He desired to share his wonderful recipes with the rest of the world giving a face to Nigerian food.

His main focus right now is to inspire Nigerians to get into the kitchen and try his recipes. Also, give an avenue for healthy food at home

Favorite Nigerian Dish: Seafood okro soup with fresh fish, prawn, and periwinkles accompanied with Eba.

15. Yummy Medley by Lois

Lois’ inspiration for starting a blog was her love for food. She started sharing her kitchen adventures and discovery with her people around her and then her husband encouraged her to share it with a larger audience.

Her current focus is on African, and Afro-tropical dishes because it is not really talked about enough on the internet.

Favorite Nigerian Dish: Afang soup

16. Chef Lola’s Kitchen by Lola

Chef Lola got her inspiration from her late mom who cooked fresh food every day. She learned how to cook food fast without compromising the food’s taste. She was motivated by her Husband to start her food blog when he noticed her passion for cooking.

So they both decided to start a weekly get together at her place where she would cook and invite friends over and every time she did, there were no leftovers. There was always positive feedback, that was when she finally made up her mind to start her blog.

Her current focus is on making indigenous African meals and also baking.

Favorite Nigerian Dish: Her favorite Nigerian dish changes every time, she is in love with Ewa riro (stewed beans) and plantains. That can change tomorrow though 🙂

17. Afrolems by Atim

Atim started a blog initially to promote her catering business in Toronto, she posted recipes to encourage visits to her blog and convert visitors to customers. Then she found out a large gap in Nigerian food information online and then she decided to create more content about the subject matter.

Her current focus is getting more information to other platforms with a wider reach so Nigerian food is propagated. and right now she is sharing fusion recipes for Nigerians to broaden their options with food.

Favorite Nigerian dish: Ekpang Nkukwo which is a cocoyam pottage commonly made in Akwa Ibom and Cross Rivers.

18. Plant Food Federation by Affiong

Affiong first started her blog with the name mybelledonfull.com to document her exploration of Nigerian food, however, after going through some personal health challenges, she changed her diet and lifestyle. She became gluten, refined sugar, and dairy free and then last year she chose to become a vegan. She then had to rebrand to plantfoodfederation.com to be in line with her current lifestyle.

Her focus right now is to explore plant-based recipes using Nigerian Ingredients while living in Lagos and currently, she is getting trained as a raw & plant-based food chef.

Favorite food: Coconut rice which brings back childhood memories.

Over To You

Now we have come to the end of this post of top Nigerian food bloggers in Nigeria who share their love for Nigerian food.

Their stories are very inspiring and also gives an avenue for people to start pursuing their dreams through blogging or making food. Also, this gives a platform to share ideas with other bloggers, collaborate and grow together.

If you have any questions about any of the bloggers or know any established Nigerian food blogger, please leave a comment so that we could keep this post as fresh as possible.

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